The Grand Splash Week is a series of festive events taking place this summer, from July 1-10th, on the shores of various waterways in Quebec. Citizens are invited to take to the water at safe locations that are not public beaches, but have everything it takes to become one.

A Grand Splash,



It's an opportunity to have fun and take concrete action. Positive energy, smiles and joy are the order of the day!


The Grand Splash Week brings citizens together with a common goal: to democratize access to water!


The event aspires toward a Quebec society where everyone can fully enjoy the waterways, while respecting nature.


The Grand Splash Week is an initiative of Fondation Rivières, an organization that works to preserve, restore and enhance the natural character of rivers. The foundation contributes to ensuring water quality and access to water for the population of Quebec.

Honorary Chairmanship 2022


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The concept of the Grand Splash was born in Quebec City in 1994. When the Société des Gens de Baignade took to the water, they demanded a public swimming site at the Bassin Louise. This inspired the creation of a Grand Splash in Montreal in 2003. This project brought together a few participants in the Old Port to demand swimming access. It was the citizen committee Montréal Baignade that led the initiative, supported by the organization Jour de la Terre.

In 2018, Fondation Rivières joined the adventure to organize the Grand Splash. They became the main organizer the following year. In 2020, the pandemic pushed the organizers of the Grand Splash of Montreal to rethink their formula, in order to maintain the course of the event's claims, despite the health measures in place. The "Petit Splash deviendra Grand" contest was therefore launched. This virtual edition highlighted potential swimming sites throughout Quebec.

This led to the creation of the Grand Splash Week in 2021, which attracted more than 300 participants in 10 municipalities across Quebec: Montreal, Quebec City, Lachine, Trois-Rivières, Saguenay, Gracefield, Sainte-Martine, Saint-Paul-de-l'Ile-aux-Noix, Saint-Jérôme and Mont-Saint-Hilaire, in addition to two mini-splash events held in Chambly and at the Promenade Bellerive park in Montreal's Tétreauville district.


The Grand Splash Week is making a real difference!

Here is the proof:

Grand Splash in Quebec City : a pilot swimming project in the Bassin Louise starting in 2022!

Grand Splash in Lachine, Montréal : announcement made regarding the City's intention to develop a swimming area at the new Lachine Waterfront Park.

Grand Splash in Saint-Jérôme : granting of a mandate to Fondation Rivières for contamination source tracking in the Rivière du Nord, in anticipation of allowing swimming in downtown Saint-Jérôme

Grand Splash in Sainte-Martine : federation of all the municipalities along the Châteauguay River to entrust Fondation Rivières with a contamination source tracking study to evaluate the swimming potential along 55 km of the river.

Mini-splash at the Parc de la Promenade Bellerive : commitment in the summer of 2021 by the Mayor of Montreal to open a swimming area in the St. Lawrence River in the coming years.

Awards and distinctions

Eco Canada


The first edition of the Grand Splash Week, held in 2021 by Fondation Rivières and several local organizations, has been awarded the ECO Impact Community Award 2022! Awarded by Eco Canada, this distinction recognizes the efforts of groups or individuals who have demonstrated their environmental commitment through sustainable initiatives, projects and practices. Since the creation of the contest in 2017, this was the first time a Quebec organization has won this award. This award encourages and motivates the entire team behind Grand Splash Week to continue its mobilization efforts in terms of water accessibility throughout Quebec.

Partners and sponsors


Would you like to participate in a unifying project that is meaningful and in tune with nature? Whether you are a citizen, an organization or a municipality, become a partner now by organizing a Grand Splash!


By joining the Grand Splash Week, you are contributing to a mobilizing and important movement. Facing climate change, river water quality and access to riverbanks and waterways are fundamental issues that concern the entire population. In the summer, heat waves will become more and more frequent, hence the need to restore access to the riverbanks for everyone. Our actions appeal to people from all walks of life, including scientists, environmental organizations and various levels of government. They mobilize public figures and a large number of citizens. By sponsoring the Grand Splash Week, you too will be part of this extraordinary movement!